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Time has passed !!!!!

It has been such a long time  since I have updated at all and I have to say I'm so sorry!!!! The fact that a lot has change since the beginning of 2008 until now ...... Hopefully it'll all work out this time....
as you can see those who has been here before I have decided to change the layout a little bit and I did delete a lot of my older posts ......
but new start new beginning :) I look forward to spending some quality time on here in the future .......it'll be everything in my life :) 
have a good days guys for now !!!!!


omg this song is the greatest

[PV] Sunao ni nare tara - JUJU feat. Spontania

guess what i discovered this morning.....this music video while watching my uploads on imeem!!!!
it is such a great song but i can't find any links to download it online!!!!

man i will find my way around it......

i know i know i haven't posted in a while but you guys i have to write down what i am feeling right now so bear with me......so i just started watching the drama ryuusei no kizuna

with ryo and nino today and now i am at the 7th episode and i am so into it...you don't even know how i am feeling right now...... it is ridiculous i thought this morning since i didn't have anything to do i would watch it since i haven't watch it yet and i was still in my ryo mood....so once i started watching it i was so sad in the first episode and was contemplating on wether or not i should continue watching but like any idiot i continued. so after the first episode the show is pretty funny.....i couldn;t stop laughing at nino's lame jokes and ryo not very smart comments....toda erika was doing great since she is one of my favorite actress of all time and this series made it even better since i like all the main characters.....plus mika nakashima is so funny!!! her character is great ...how she is drunk 24/7 and she likes nino also ..... then the series got back to a serious standpoint when they find out who is the real murder is...then they go into this whole thing...but great part in the episode 7 that i watch was when mika came with the stolen car and she was like driving very crazy like and ryo just stared at her stepping out of the car with this star struck face just saying sugoi!  man she makes this drama pretty good too..... now since the show continued on and nino and ryo knows that erika has fallen in love with their father's killer son...it is so intense......half way check point....after reading the drama wiki page's synopsis i don't like where this is going with erika ...i hope she doesn't do some thing i won't like her for....but until later ..i have to go to bed now which means i won't continue watching it until probably next weekend......sorry guys for dealing with my ranting......

Also i am listening to Orion by Mika Nakashima and i don't know why maybe because of the drama but i have such a sad mood when i listen to this song....i am about to cry....

Linh Chan's Uploads...

So i think this maybe better than putting it all one site like my other downloads......

Amuro Namie
Best Fiction Album
Released :  2008.07.30 
Language: Japanese
Genre: R&B/hip-hop 

Remember to COMMENT!!!
Love Linh Chan!!!

Sorry....i know have been dead

i know i have been dead in the sense of posting lately but ...now that summer break is here and i have to leave ...i thought i would drop a comment so you don't get mad if i don't respond back to your comments....but once again you can still write me ...i will definately respond but the thing is i don't know how long i will be gone.....so people thanks for making my life more enjoyable.

I shall see you soon...hehehe
before i go here is a link to my music uploading site.....
beware songs are asiany and cute but anoying

knock my solks off................heheh Comment if you like...its fresh fish everyday at low prices


anyway i think that now i will post something and get rid of the things on my computer...since, once again it feels like it is near crasing stage!!! so look forward to it...i think i will post a couple of things...
Love Linh!!!
as always comments are loved... 
hello dolls i have a great surprise for you...i am going to post some links for you on the music videos i have on my computer because i feel like my comp will crash soon. so i don't remember where  i got these mvs but if they were yours sorry just tell me if you are mad okay??? anyway here is about a quater of the batch first and more will be up later!!!



(This is some live performance by Taiyou No Namida by NEWS)


(This is a Step And Go performance by ARASHI)


(This is the Mv for Weeeek by NEWS)


(This my friends is the rockin' L.O.V.E. Mv by Brown Eyed Girls)


(Lose Your Mind Mv by BoA)


(LIES Mv by Big Bang...they are just s hot in this one)

any way if you need something dosn't hesitate to ask and i will help you okay?
sorry i was done uploading these a week ago but never got around to posting them 
anyway COMMENT and DOWNLOAD!!!! remember COMMENT if it is this or an older post!!!!
Love Linh !!!

Sorry Guys

okay for starters i decided that from now on i will rarely use my community to post but seeing how lazy i am here is the link to the community to download all of those other albums okay???

http://community.livejournal.com/ko_jeet_mal/ okay good luck 

I dont know but i have been obssese with them lately...

the albums are like 4 or someting like that  on my community page

Remember to comment !!!!
Love Linh !!!

so i know

i am suppose to sleep now but i think i am won;t go to school tomorrow seeing that i don't feel well......ne ways i think i need to make up some tests and i think i am  pushing my luck but i don't want to throw up on their flooor

but yea right now i am so bored!!!!!!!!!!!!! lalalalalala i need to find more fanfics to read so if you have some tell me okay???? ne ways i am thinkg of what i want to upload next.................. ummmmmm   so i decide that to be treat i will let you guys choose okay??!!??!

Well technically it is my second one but I think I will delight you with so albums of singers…..that I have plentiful  i will do !!!
Big Bang!!! Hot Issue Album 
Hot Issue


  1. Intro - Hot Issue
  2. 바보 (Fool)
  3. But I Love U (Sampling By Rhu Of Redd Holt Unlimited)
  4. I Don't Understand
  5. Crazy Dog (Sampling By 환상 속의 그대 Of Taijiboys)
  6. 마지막 인사 (Last Farewell) 

Here you go hope you like it ....if not or anything wrong with the link tell me 
at Eebabo fool link